Underfloor heating
Underfloor heating installation by AG General Construction Ltd

Underfloor heating installation 

Special comfort - perfectly uniform temperature distribution in a room

The underfloor heating has been known since the Roman times. It provides the so called vertical distribution of temperature in a room, which is the most suitable for a person.  The higher temperatures of the room near the floor and the lower at the level of the person’s head guarantee optimal thermal comfort. The underfloor heating ensures the heating of the space of the person’s in high or open spaces, for example, in the rooms with mezzanine or the rooms with an open staircase to another floor, and it is simply irreplaceable in high buildings such as churches, sports halls, and industrial objects.

Another advantage of the underfloor heating is even heat release throughout the total floor surface. This is especially relevant in the premises of large area: sitting-rooms, lounges, as well as museums, exhibition areas, representative offices and so on.
Relatively low heating temperature of the surface (at the floor surface, the temperature is as low as 22-26 ° C) significantly restricts the air circulation in the room. Therefore, the amount of dust raised is reduced. Forget the tedious cleaning of radiators. This is especially relevant in premises, which must meet high hygiene requirements.

The systems of underfloor heating are also suitable for heating of outdoor areas to avoid thick layers of snow or ice.
More architectural freedom – with the underfloor heating system radiators will disappear from your home

All heating elements are concealed and hidden under the floor, and hereby not prevent the indoor design. This is especially important to make efficient use of the area under windows and next to them.

The advantages of the underfloor heating are especially relevant for designing of the premises ancient buildings or historic facilities, as well as for design of sports halls, where special protection of ordinary radiators is required due to the equipment used and in order to ensure security of people.

Similarly, in a residential house or an apartment, it will be safe to project a stone floor or floor tiles that look cold and unpleasant in the case of heating with radiators. Due to the underfloor heating you will feel pleasing heat under your feet. Hereby, your home will gain more space and freedom for living ideas. Your will forget tedious cleaning of radiators. In other words, you will immediately feel its benefit.

Energy saving - low system operating temperature

“Warm floor” is so comfortable that indoor air temperature of the heated room can be reduced by even 2 ° C. As a result, heat consumption is significantly reduced (savings are up to 12% of energy).

Speaking about the underfloor heating, an important argument is the low operating temperature of the system. Usually it not exceeds 45 ° C, so condensing boilers, heat pumps and solar collectors can be used for the underfloor heating. Using the heat pumps, you will be assured of the comfortable warmth in winter and pleasant coolness in summer: it is ingenious, but simple - warm or cold water will run in your pipes. Comparing the costs of buildings, the objects with the underfloor heating are more valuable. Their market or rent price is always considerably higher.
It is estimated that a person feel uncomfortable, if the floor temperature is higher than 30 C. Therefore, if the losses of heat of a room are high, such temperature of the floor might be insufficient for heating of the premises. Therefore, while the underfloor heating is used, an additional installation of radiators or convectors (installed under floor) is recommended. The floor temperature should not exceed 30 ° C.
From what to start installation of underfloor heating in a house?

Before installing the heating system, we prepare a heat loss calculation determining the need of heat in each room. In the event of failure to do this work, the heating system may be installed and balanced improperly, so in case of selection of the heating system inappropriate for the heating needs of the house, its longevity will decrease and presumably its operational costs will be higher.
The underfloor heating is useful not only for new houses. We can offer the systems specially designed for renovation.


And it does not matter, if your floor will be covered with laminate, parquet, tiles, cork or carpet. The optimal thermal comfort will be guaranteed in your room.